Morality is simply a small bundle of principles which are necessarily the foundation upon which all else must rest. If you look at almost any politician in FedGov, do you see any who stand on a Foundation of Principle? If any one thing is causing the fall of America, this is IT!! Especially true for us who are joining now to define the Voluntary System, this must always be the first and primary consideration.

LIFE: Everything must rest and rely upon a most Basic Principle. Every man has, and must have, his Natural Right to Life, for without Life he does not exist. It follows then that each man does and must OWN his Natural Right to have, sustain and enhance his Life, Liberty, Happiness and Prosperity. Today so many sidestep this essential, yet without this foundation, our house cannot stand and will surely fall upon us all.

RIGHTS: Artificial non-living Entities such as governments, organizations, corporations, etc. can neither claim to own the rights of another, nor have any rightful power to negate or detract from those Natural Rights of any Man.

One step more. “Privileges” are not Rights. Privileges can granted only at the expense of the benefactor. Is it working that way today?

No Force

Why Choose Force?

FORCE: If you can agree that Force is inhumane, but believe that some circumstances are exceptions, check your premises! A truth consistently remains true; if otherwise it is False.  If Force is inhumane, then it is always inhumane.  So why do humans repeatedly create governments exempted from that morality? Why are governments allowed to force e.g. by taxes, conscription, regulation of free markets, definition or religions, what one may or may not own or must own? Why are they given the power to define whom and or in what manner man must or may associate with? The list is long — what is consistent with truth?

This is the sum of my now-76 years of trying to think without the shackles. If you see something incorrect in any of this, help us get it right!?

Thanks for any input!? Dean Striker



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  1. Another outstanding post Striker. I still do not quite grasp the concept (see the whole picture) that when the Fall comes how a new non-ruler society will set down rules from sea to shining sea?

    What do you envision will be availabe to the masses to help them to set aside their now legitimate fear and mistrust when another extends a hand and says follow me. My image of the fall is a total collapse of the moral capacity to follow another.

    There will no doubt be those of clear heads who will reach for the extended hand but I do wonder if this will be the majority. I see force being a necessity at the time of total collapse.

    I remember the movies of the 70s and 80s where a place like New York City is a war zone … a place where one couldn’t get in and couldn’t get out. I don’t want to live my nightmare so tell me more of an easier transistion of moving away from what was known to be evil (government) towards something so inherently better.

  2. Thank you. “Essence” spells out the foundation of principles or morality, if you will. It ought to be the platform on which all else can be built. Sadly, it is merely the “missing link”. One need only look around the governments and politicians of this world – one cannot help but notice.

    You have nudged me that another main article is quite needed here. A foundation is necessary and fine, but useless if not built upon. I suppose that the proponents of Force might claim some other foundation, but as you would know, that would be built of false things which decay and rust. The real discipline is never straying from “Essence”. It rather disturbs me that you refer to the “masses” while individual sanctity is ignored. Each individual is his own “leader”, free to strive for the best he can be, and to determine for himself what seems “best”.

    The collapse will initially result in no-ruler, no-government, aka anarchy. Surely that period will be seen by the “criminal mentality” as their great opportunity to rape, pillage and murder — the stuff of progressivism PC and of Force itself.

    Those free and moral men who finally come to grasp the essence of true liberty will also be free to defend their circle. They will also be their own judge, jury and prosecutor. This will give the criminal types food for thought and discourage such immoral behavior, will it not?

    I write here only of the situation which we might expect after collapsing into the abyss. It is based on the assumption that governments will not only fail, but disappear. It is from there than mankind can make the choice to be free — to be or not be “governed” by force. Govern, a word which needs to disappear forever.

  3. Since I was a child I have never been for governments. Something in me told me that it just wasn’t right. I believe that the Federal government has no business in dictating anything to the people whatsover. They are supposed to be there for the military and protecting our country. The sates are who should take care of their own states. Although I do not believe in taxation, if they were smart, they would not force you to pay them, and should leave it to donations. If people want something in their state, they can give to that cause. But for me to pay for a war that I do not believe in or anything else for that matter, I don’t think so! I don’t believe that it would be so bad when we finally do collapse. That will be the only force I see, is when the people are forced to finally come together and help each other. Sure there will be bad people, but I am sure that the good outweighs the bad. Remember 9/11? That is what will happen. And if we’re all in it together, it doesn’t seem as bad!

    1. If one can stand on the principles of “essence” and follow the logical conclusions, it just screams for a Voluntary System. That’s exactly what No-Ruler is working for here. You’ll definitely be able to help! Thank you

    2. @DeeB somehow I missed your post of the 2nd. All are good thoughts, and all are things our Members should be working on as much as time permits. No one person can possible cover all the scenarios!
      I believe collapse is inevitable. That should wipe out Government or make it possible to push over with a feather. Even then, it will be a huge disruption to the lives of everyone who survives, and surely many will not survive. The left doesn’t believe in collapse, so they won’t be prepared and thus will be among the first to go.
      It follows, then, that the ReStart will be up to us, and to other groups and websites like ours. We need to establish connections with those, and each of us can do a part of that as we work. It is so important that we do everything possible to define this Voluntary System before we hit the skids. It may be impossible from the abyss!

  4. I firmly believe DeeB will be an absolute ally. What all of us need is a way to contact each other in the event or imminent threat of collapse. I don’t see that we can rely on much of anything except ourselves. We MUST have such a system in place prior to collapse.

    1. @Tasine, I agree with all you said.
      On ways of contact, it is now supposed to be possible to PM (private message) between users or perhaps “friends”, but so far I’m not seeing a link for us to do so.
      A scary thing to me is that we have but few ways of contact, and that we could lose all or any of them with little or no notice. e.g PostMail requires that we add snailmail addresses to our profiles. I can set that up, but what way would be best? Then also the P.O. is in financial trouble like everything else, and could disappear.
      If the internet goes down, which probably the Rulers could take down in a heartbeat, what else.
      If the phone, landline or cell or both, goes down, what other alternatives might we have? Maybe ham radio, but if the grid goes down only those with alternate power can get the word out.
      Anyone else have thoughts on all this?

  5. RE personal contact
    As administrator, Striker has the email addresses of all of us. What if each of us who is willing, could email him with permission to release our email address to other active commenter members? He would have to send each one an email that he holds our email addresses in strict confidence and will release to no one not authorized by us. Just a thought, but it would be a way to privately do some brainstorming with some degree of privacy.

    1. Point One – I keep the proponents of Force away from No-Ruler, which I hope helps.

      Point Two – Trying to make WordPress into a more “social site”, using the plugin BuddyPress, has twice now completely crashed this website, losing some of the posts and comments, and consuming huge amounts time which I can ill afford to waste.

      I may find along the way that some parts of BuddyPress will work properly to enable easy communication between “friends, and we’d all appreciate that… IF!

      Meanwhile, I believe that Authors can view users via the Dashboard. We should also be able to click on a username and get their profile, but that’s bringing a “not found” error at the moment – dang!

  6. I think we create governments and pay them for taking care of many situations for which we should be responsible. An example is this. Too many call the “law” when there are problems with neighbors, neighbors’ animals, spouses or even friends. I think we can handle our own relationships without that. It works very well to confront them and make it clear you will not tolerate mistreatment or disrespect. I have never failed to solve my own problems, although once I had to show that I was “carrying.” An ole Okie woman toting a piece was just too much for them. I had no more problems with them.

    I just am unclear how I could always do that. If three big strangers were threatening me, I might call the law. Or if I were involved in an auto accident in which the other party was at fault and that party would not make it right, I am not sure I could win that one.

    But, I suppose you would call much of the above to be using “force.” Well, I believe in force when it is my decision and I take responsibility for the outcome. My work is with the very poor, many of them alcohol and drug users, often rather lawless. We try to help and rescue the ones we can. Once I was hiding a battered wife and I heard there was trouble brewing. I called a cop and told him what I would do to protect myself and the woman. He said I could not do that, that he would be at my house within five minutes. I told him I would do whatever was necessary that he could just hide and watch. He told me I would go to jail. I replied that I would come to him personally and offer him my wrists. By the end of our talk, he was on my side, perhaps because he understood I would take the full responsibility for my actions.

    I understand that this is a long boring posting, but some situations can be squirrely and it seems that the force of the law could sometimes be needed.

    I just don’t like a government taking my money and wasting it when I had no part in that decision.

    In a voluntary system, why would my basic principles be necessarily the same as yours? How could we resolve different beliefs? So, are we to voluntarily agree to comprise? If I believed you were encroaching on my rights and you didn’t believe you were, how could that be resolved?

    1. Sorry, Mary, I had written a reply and lost it, so now it’s later and I’ll have to redo. I really enjoyed your thoughts here; you’re on a good path.

      Let’s start with
      That would be where all of us should draw the line!
      Self-Defense not Offense; rather it is the proper reaction to intrusion and force. The manner, and the place, of which those “3 big strangers” threaten you becomes a judgement call, and it’s Your judgement alone. The situation may be any of many possibilities, and it’s entirely your call. “Calling the Law” most likely would be the least effective response and the best way to end up dead, huh?

      In situations of dispute such as you mention, a system of arbitration would quickly become available when without governments to interfere. If that sometimes doesn’t happen or doesn’t work to resolve a problem, then You become judge, jury and executioner. Inappropriate retaliation would be most likely subject to the scrutiny of neighbors or outsiders, so hopefully one will act prudently and in keeping with the mores of good balance.

      I know of NOTHING which any government can do which humans cannot do for themselves. This becomes more true as humans will keep their wherewithal (untaxed) to use in association with others of the same goals. After all, our Rulers are supposedly also humans!

      Right or wrong, our beliefs are our own, and can be imposed upon others only by mutual consent, not by a herd of Rulers off in Timbuckto!

  7. My, My, you have brought us many reasonable questions, thank you.

    Some good while after writing “Essence” I posted also
    which should help most one grasp the root of Voluntary Principle. In draws the line on Force between ourselves and those who would intrude upon another. IOW, Self-Defense of our Right to Life, and all that necessarily follows, precludes self-defense from being Wrongful Force, as that intruder has crossed the line. Some “law” and some distant Police are irrelevant at that moment.

    It is easy to envision that some, or perhaps many, would opt to hire (and/or form) a private security company as the alternative to being forced to pay taxes to “public” Police, but self-defense is always the moral answer, while the moment of having to make that choice is immediate. Wouldn’t that serve to cause the intruder bad-guys to choose better/moral way of earning their living?

  8. Thank you, and I am listening. I am also realizing I haven’t spent enough time reading the content offered here before questioning. LOL

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