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What will the public do about the destruction of our nation? My guess is that they will moan and groan and take it. I feel very safe in predicting that no government official will do a darned thing to right the wrongs.

LRC’s Top 10 Best-Read for June 2015

Lew Rockwell

Yes, this will take some time to wade thru, but if you care at all to grasp the big picture, it’s most important that you devote the time. My personal favorite articles are by these authors:

Gary North, “Going Down”
John W. Whitehead “Escaping the Matrix”
and I’m adding William Norman Grigg with his brand-new “Love of Power Wins”

Going Voluntary – Sovereignty

Voluntary Flag

This should perhaps have been the first in this series, but too late now! We will be turning this from theory to reality. “Home” for us is Apache County, Arizona, one of the poorest and least populated counties in the USA, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of over 6,000 feet. Our community is unincorporated, being in a rather remote location with a few thousand people scattered an area of perhaps 600 square miles. In talking with the people here, NOBODY wants this area to become part of some incorporated town (which would mean a GOVERNment! Thus we seek to build a better community within a Voluntary system, in which all are Sovereign Individuals, in which each can fulfil his perceived needs and goals in concert with others who share those same. Neither GOVERNment nor Rulers are necessary to accomplish such goals; that’s the path to true Liberty!

Going Voluntary

Voluntary in Blue

We have written here on No-Ruler much about eliminating The Force which is government, but today it is high time that we proceed to discussion of any and & all of matters which will be different,.People need to understand how we’ll live so much better without The Force. Being Governed is merely a bad habit which began so very long ago that most people unthinkingly believe that the “habit” of government is necessary.
The question is… just what can Rulers do that “we the citizens” cannot do for ourselves?

CASHLESS Society – PTB trickery & deceit – WARNING !


This is nothing more than a “share” of a good post by “SicilianThing” at 1PP,


for which the unstated aource came thru LewRockwell.com, and which originated at


Follow the source link(s) and we need say nothing more, The warning is Too Real!

Economics in One Lesson

Hazlitt lost his job with the Washigton Times because he knew and openly said that the entire operation of the 1944 Btetton Woods agreement which created the IMF and the World Bank was against liberty.

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